Schedule Of Shiurim


Young Israel of Midwood
1694 Ocean Avenue, Corner of Avenue L.
Every Sunday at 8:30 PM.

Videos are in English and projected in large format.  Men and Women are invited to attend.  Separate Seating. The shiur committee has received VHS & Hi8 tapes recorded in the 1990's & 2004-6 periods & have converted them to DVD. The weekly presentations begin approximately 8:30 PM and run until approximately 10PM. Copies of the DVD's can only be obtained by calling the number below.

For more information, please call (718) 677.4315.  The schedule may change, so please call on the day that you plan to attend.

Audio recordings of these shiurim may be purchased on the Rav's Online Store or directly by calling (718) 677.4315. Click here for a list of shiurim.


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